If we know anything about Birdman, it's that he's particular about his money. So when his Miami mansion was damaged during Hurricane Irma, he did what any average Joe would do: talk to his insurance provider. However, when he seeked claims for the damages, his provider, Lloyd's of London denied to cover him.

Birdman says he contacted Lloyd's in a timely manner when his mansion was damaged in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The home was damaged from the raging winds and water. After being turned down by Lloyd's, he asked the company for a copy of his policy believing this to be within the terms of the contract. They also turned down this request.

The music mogul states that Lloyd's "failed and underpaid benefits necessary to repair" his Miami home. He is suing to Lloyd's to reimburse the legal fees and reimburse the damages. Previously, he lost the home earlier this year when a defaulted on a $12 million loan. Thing may be on the up and up for Birdman however. He may be rekindling his friendship with Lil Wayne. The duo was seen hanging out, and hopefully their lifelong relationship is on the mend.

[via The Blast]