Birdman has proved himself to be one of the best A&Rs in the rap game, and even at this point in his career, he's still scouting young talent. A new video has surfaced that suggests Slim Jesus could be Birdman's next pursuit -- as we hear what sounds to be a conversation between the rapper and Baby.

King Yella, who's been working with Slim, recorded his side of the call, and while it's hard to make out exactly what's being said, it certainly sounds like the unmistakable voice of Birdman.

We hear Birdman express interest in representing Slim, before mentioning Lil Wayne, claiming that everything is "1000" between him and Weezy (not unlike his comments in the puzzling Angie Martinez interview).

Yella has gone on record saying that Slim once hung up on Birdman after he offered to sign him, but so far, we don't know if it was the same conversation.

Check out the clip below.