The last we heard from rapper, Bizarre, he was leaving D12 due to "creative differences," way back in 2012. Now the Detroit rapper reveals that D12 will forever be tied with him and they are currently working on new projects.

This is good news for the D12 fan who found Bizarre's often shocking and, frankly (forgive us), bizarre contributions to the groups tracks. While speaking to Peter Czymbor of WXBR, he said:

"D12 is always gonna be attached to my name. I’m a founding member of D12. It’s not a game. It’s something that’s a life commitment. And we are definitely in the process of talking about a new album. Getting the guys all together…It’s coming soon. It’ll definitely be a new D12 album coming.” 

On his recent sobriety, Bizarre offered Eminem as a guiding light, saying, “Marshall is one-hundred percent sober. He really believes in it. Takes it very, very, very seriously. That’s why I made that reference in the song, ‘Marshall quit, why can’t I/In two weeks I’mma give it a try.’ I basically was saying he’s my motivation. To see where he was at with it and for him to make a change with his life and do something different it’s an inspiration towards me.”

Check out the full interview below.