Blac Chyna is still dealing with the 2015 hit and run case that involved her car that she now claims her friend, Paige Addison, used without her permission. As we previously reported, when Paige crashed into another vehicle three years ago witnesses say she and an unidentified woman jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene. 

Blac has continued to vehemently deny that she was the other woman and has now videotaped her deposition detailing that she never gave Paige permission to use her car, The Blast reports. Blac details how the keys to the whip were kept in a drawer and Paige must have gone in the drawer and swiped them without asking. 

Paige's side of the story details how Blac never gave her permission but also didn't say she shouldn't drive her car. Blac simply wants to be removed from the case and has previously been fined for not taking the case seriously. She now seems pretty serious and doesn't want to be held responsible for any damages the other driver sustained in the crash.