Blac Chyna and her mother's relationship has seemingly never been on good terms. We've previously reported about the hurtful statements Tokyo Toni has said about her daughter, calling her a "mistake" and "statutory rape baby." The hurtful words came after Blac blocked Tokyo from seeing her two grandchildren, leading her to lash out. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Blac's new reality show shows more on her rocky relationship with her mother where she called Tokyo "evil as shit" in the series super trailer. The latest clip for the show sees Blac shedding a few tears when discussing her relationship with her mother further, questioning situations that could be worse than what she has. 

"I’m getting older, 31. Two kids. Which one’s worse? Having a mom that’s not here or having a mom that’s here and don’t give a fuck about you?" she vents to her friend. "Having a strong support system is everything! Thankful for my bff @treasuregemz for always having my back and supporting me, " she captioned the clip on Instagram. 

The Real Blac Chyna premiers July 14th on the Zeus network - who's going to tune in?