Blac Chyna's new business venture in Nigeria is being met with serious hostility, and for good reason. She posted a photo on Instagram last night inviting everyone in Nigeria to come to the launch of her new collaboration with the "skincare" company called Whitenicious: "Lagos Nigeria, join me at the first official launch of  my face cream this Sunday November 25th at  the Whitenicious store from 1-5PM. Everyone is invited." There was immediate backlash from a native of the country, the rapper Burna Boy. He posted a screenshot of Blac Chyna's post to his Instagram story, writing that if you attend the event you "might as well commit suicide." He addressed Chyna specifically, saying "you can come and shake your booty sha. But leave that poison in your house," finishing the post with a more uplifting sentiment: "Ladies, your black is beautiful!"

The company itself is worth looking into. The Whitenicious Instagram is a little haunting, to say the least. Their before and after photos feature black across the eyes of their subjects reminiscent of photos of a confidential military operation. They even have a tribute to the late Joe Jackson which is, if not in bad taste, at least a little weird considering his son's becoming white and the well-documented body-image problems of Jackson Jr. that are believed to stem from his father's treatment of him. In the photo, Jackson is holding to little urns of Whitenicious' product.