Blac Chyna, who can now attach the title of "aspiring rapper" to her growing resume, spooked a Los Angeles neighbor so bad that she had to get the cops involved.

As per a report from TMZ, the TV personality went nuts on someone who lives on her street because of excessive noise due to construction of her home. Apparently, Tuesday morning was when the house next to Chyna's started doing some roof work in the morning at some point around 9 a.m. Rob Kardashian's baby mama supposedly then had an angry confrontation with the homeowner, explaining that the noise had woken up her daughter Dream, a fact she was none too happy about.

Things got interesting after that though. According to the report, the homeowner in question got scared enough by Chyna's outburst that she proceeded to call the police and have them deal with the matter. It turns out that, as per L.A. regulations, construction is allowed to begin any time after 7 a.m., so whomever was having their roof done was well within their rights to be doing so. I guess Chyna wasn't aware of this initially, but after talking things over with the cops, she simmered down and any further verbal altercations with the neighbor was averted.

Noise disturbances are merely a small blip on Chyna's radar these days, with previous reports indicating that she's in the studio working on an album.