Earlier this week, news sources revealed that Blac Chyna is expecting her first child with boyfriend YGN Almighty Jay. This alleged impregnation would mean that the former reality star would be giving birth to her third child from as many men. 

However, unnamed sources close to Chyna have revealed toTMZ that the tabloid fodder is erroneous, at least for now. The website was told that Chyna does plan on conceiving more children in the future, and isn't ruling out the possibility of expanding her family with her current beau. 

Chyna, who turns thirty in a week's time, is head-over-heels for the 18 year-old rapper, who is reportedly first in line if she decides to procreate in the near future. The couple have been romantically linked since February, but have been going steady ever since. 

As of now, the lovebirds remain in the beginning stages of their budding romance.