Blac Chyna pregnancy rumors have been flying around for a long time now, ever since she hooked up with her latest boo, YBN Almighty Jay. While the last rumor ended up being a hoax, some new photos of Chyna are making the pregnancy rumors look more and more likely.

Blac Chyna was spotted making her way to the graduation of her son, King, yesterday. Sporting a low-cut pink dress and some festive balloons, she looks like she's ready to celebrate her son's achievement to the max. However, there's something about this photo that isn't quite right, in what appears to be a visible baby bump visible through her skin-tight dress.

There has yet to be any word from Chyna confirming or denying the pregnancy allegations, but the photos look pretty clear. It's totally possible that maybe it was a bad camera angle or some other reason she could look like that, but until it's confirmed we won't know for sure. If it is true, then in all likelihood, the father would be YBN Almighty Jay. Chyna already has two children, King Cairo Stevenson, with Tyga, and Dream Renée Kardashian, with Rob Kardashian.

There is, however, some evidence against the pregnancy rumors. In a photo posted around the same time as these pictures were taken, Blac Chyna is seen in a bikini by the pool, showing off her very flat stomach to the camera. When these photos were taken in unclear, but with this sort of thing, the truth always comes out in time.