Today is Halloween and, as a matter of course, there have been a ton of celebrity halloween costumes, some better than others: Fabo as Eddie Murphy in Coming To America, Beyonce as a spot-on Toni Braxton and a newly famous two-year-old sans head

Then there are also, as always, the costumes that don't quite make sense as costumes. Not that they're bad–they can be great–it's just that some people don't dress up as a specific person or thing, but rather decide to use halloween as an excuse to dress how they always want to. The perfect example this year is Blac Chyna, who is dressed up as...?

It's not exactly clear what she is, but she has a great Chanel bracelet on (is it part of the lace gloves?) and the red nail polish underneath the lace is a nice touch. One possibility is that she's dressed up in a loose interpretation of the Mexican Day of The Dead, judging by the mask. Another even looser possibility that mask hints at is a Batwoman. Maybe that's going too far but it's not like we've been given much to go on here.