Either you appreciate Blac Younsta's comedic extracurricular antics, or you don't. Should you fall into the latter camp, you'd best avert your eyes and seek enlightenment elsewhere. For those who enjoy Blac Youngsta's unique brand of stuttered and childlike humor, you may very well want to take a seat. The rapper has recently taken to Instagram to share a genuine prayer to God.

Younsta seems to ponder a deep philosophical conundrum. Don't get it twisted, the "Booty" aficionado isn't afraid of dabbling in existentialism. "God, I know, I know I be having to shit on these n***s sometimes. I know you understand where I'm coming from. You was on Earth before, so you know this shit go God." In all fairness, throughout the Bible, God has most definitely laid down the law in a ruthless and efficient manner. In that regard, Youngsta has a point.

"I shit on them with good intentions," prays Youngsta. "I just be trying to teach them a lesson, and God, I just want to share this information with you. Thank you for blessing me and my family, and thank you for the food, I hope I get some more." There's still no word on whether Youngsta's prayers were answered, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the rapper slash Instagram comedian continue to amass his fortune through various hilarious means.