Last weekend, we reported that Blac Youngsta turned his major case of the munchies into Internet hilarity with a new video taken inside a McDonald's during the late night shift. Today (November 19th), a new report from TMZ is confirming that not only were the chain's powers that be unhappy with what went on, especially in the video, but that this stint has supposedly cost a franchise manager their job.

The original video has since been taken down from his Instagram account, but it showed Blac Youngsta wilding out at a McD's location out in North Carolina. Covered in his signature bling, the rapper sported some iced-out jewelry in the form of a chain and a watch, both of which he showed off to the camera. Using his rapid-fire delivery, Youngsta dropped some bars on those who were in the restaurant, including several McDonald's employees who were busy capturing the moment for their own social media accounts. The emcee even hopped behind the counter and proceeded to take a drive-thru order. We're going to go out on a limb and say that's against company policy.

Youngsta's antics have now resulted in the late-night manager getting axed, after someone who saw the video complained to corporate. The McDonald's location was actually supposed to be closed and only serving customers via the drive-thru, but apparently those working at this particular restaurant went against this protocol and opened the doors for Youngsta and his crew. Then, between the dancing on counters and taking orders at the drive-thru window, there was definitely cause for concern. There was also some play fighting with burgers that supposedly took place while the rapper and his entourage were on the premises, a transgression that the McDonald's decision-makers didn't take kindly too either. There's no telling if any other members of the staff who were present the night that Blac Youngsta did his full turn up faced any discipline for their actions or, worse still, lost their jobs.

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