Blac Youngsta is a singular character. Known for his notorious antics in which he defies preconceived notions of proper stunting practices, Blac Youngsta is actually nice on the mic. Today, he dropped his new album 223, which finds the rapper coming through with a solid mix of genuine street narratives and club bangers. At this point "Booty" has emerged as a breakout hit, and why wouldn't it? Many hip-hop listeners can relate to Blac Youngsta's appreciation of the female form. In fact, the ass has been one of hip-hop's most celebrated topics, with basically every rapper in the game professing love to some degree.

It's no surprise that "Booty" caught an eventual remix. Today, Blac Youngsta took to Instagram to tease an upcoming drop with Chris Brown, who seems to have plenty to say on the topic. "Smoke that," raps Breezy, before channeling his inner Youngsta. "Itty bitty bitch, throat that." Lyrically, we're not exactly breaking any new ground here; still, the track has found life in the strip club, and a verse from Chris Breezy will no doubt extend the track's longevity.

Some listeners may be quick to associate Blac Youngsta's with his ode to the "Booty," but if you listen to his album, you'll find a welcome artistic depth. While he's certainly adept at the strip-club banger, Youngsta's not afraid to get vulnerable on wax, painting detailed pictures of his difficult upbringing. However, if you're only here for the "Booty," stay tuned for the Chris Brown remix coming soon.