On Tuesday night, a historic black church in Greenville, Mississippi was set on fire, and found "engulfed in flames," with the words "Vote Trump" tagged in spray paint on one of its exterior walls. According to The Clarion Ledger, the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, a congregation of about 200 people, was attacked around 9 at night when no congregants were inside the building. Thus far, there are no suspects, but witnesses are being interviewed, and the FBI has been notified.

There are implications that this might be a retributive act for the firebombing of a Republican headquarters in North Carolina. Mayor Errick D. Simmons referred to the attack as “a heinous, hateful and cowardly act,” and said, "this happened in the ‘50s and the ‘60s ... This should not happen in 2016.”

In response to the attack, a GoFundMe campaign was started to raise $10,000 to repair the old church. In one day, over $169,000 has been raised. Sometimes humanity actually shines.