There's been immense speculation over the details of the upcoming season of Black Mirror. Today, many questions remain unanswered while the people at Netflix have answered one we didn't know we had: the upcoming season of Black Mirror, will not actually be a season, but rather, a movie called Bandersnatch. The streaming giant didn't announce anything about it, but simply put little prefix above the title: "a Netflix film."

This marks a departure for the series which has been, ever since it was on the BBC, just that, a series. The details of the upcoming movie are sparse. Other than it being a movie, there are only two pieces of news about it. The first is that its going to be set, at least in part, in the 80s:

Perhaps the most surprising of all the news is the only casting decision that's known to the public so far: Miley Cyrus. She said this about the role: "I learned a lot about myself and I think I was able to kind of use that and put that into it."