The latest action-adventure extravaganza produced by Marvel Studios, Black Panther, is set to hit theaters in less than a month and the anticipation has already reached a fever pitch. The soundtrack, which boasts talent like Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad, has already gotten fans incredibly excited about the upcoming film, which could take over the box office by the time it's all said and done.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Black Panther could be primed to pull in $100 million to $120 million at the domestic box office alone its opening weekend. This information, while coming in the form of pre-release surveys, may not be super accurate but, judging from recent Hollywood history, it's not difficult to imagine a scenario where this movie is the beneficiary of a major financial windfall.

It debuts in cinemas on February 16th, which is President's Day Weekend. This is significant because, as Deadpool demonstrated a couple of years ago, it's one of those times during the calendar year that could be especially kind to a well-promoted (especially through word-of-mouth) piece of entertainment. As such, it won't surprise anyone if Panther bests Doctor Strange's opening weekend take of $86 million by a wide margin.

As a studio, Marvel is enjoying a nice hot streak right now. Thor: Ragnarok pulled in $116 million back in November of 2017, assuring that all the studio's releases would clear the $100 million mark in the same year. With Infinity War and Ant-Man & Wasp both set to drop in 2018, there's little to suggest that Marvel won't be able to replicate that feat again.