Black Panther has been a tremendous success since its premiere last Friday, making history and breaking box office records. Advertisers are clearly trying to cash in on the success of the Marvel flick, but an unexpected source also appears to be completely feeling the movie. In a series of tweets, the Atlanta airport announced their direct flight to Wakanda, the fictional country that Black Panther is based in. Say goodbye to Soul Train and say hello to Soul Plane, right? Much of the Black Panther was filmed in Atlanta, and the city's major airport is paying homage to the film with their latest stunt.

Yes, we know that Wakanda is not actually a real place and part of us is a little concerned as to where this flight is actually heading, but there's nothing wrong in having a few laughs every once in a while. Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong'o even joined in on the fun, tweeting the airport some legitimate suggestions for in-flight entertainment, including make-believe films Killmonger Bill and T'Challa's Angels.

If only we could actually fly to Wakanda and live out our super-hero dreams, life would be as cool as can be. Catch us on the next flight to ATL and check out the airport's cheeky tweets below.