"King's Dead" off the Black Panther has now entered the top ten of Billboard's Streaming Songs Charts, second to none as a sign of success. The soundtrack also boasts the SZA/Kendrick duet "All the Stars" which also places in the seven spot. Every passing day, the film and its many associations rewrite history in one sense of the word. It feels as though mankind has a way of causing an upset ever so often, Jay Rock the unlikely hero this time around.

"King's Dead" entered the charts at #19 back on February 24th, and reached a startling 22.5 Million in the week ending on March 15. This marks Jay Rock's first appearance on the charts altogether as well his first top ten finish. James Blake makes his second appearance on the charts after taking part in Beyonce's Forward in May of 2016. Obviously this is common ground for Kendrick and Future, they may as well set up a tent and boil some water, this is Jay Rock's moment without question.

Stick with TDE and you'll get broken off certainly.

[via Billboard]