Detroit Pistons player, Blake Griffin, is a father to two children with his ex Brynn Cameron. According to The Blast, their relationship ended after she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding. The latest on their relationship follows Brynn suing Blake saying he "orally or impliedly promised to give her tens of millions of dollars, a home, and lifetime financial support." She's following up on her case from earlier this year where she states that Blake left her homeless after running of to date Kendall Jenner. 

According to the publication, Blake has responded to the case saying he has no time to go to court since he is all booked up until July 2019. He cites his career as a professional basketball player “with contractual commitments.”

Blake has previously responded to the case denying that he ever told her he would take care of her "for life" and was looking to get the case dismissed. He apparently “had no intention of continuing to live with [Brynn] and their children" and she now wants him to cough up what he allegedly promised so she doesn't have to rely on her brother for financial support.