Blocboy JB has been spending his "Look Alive" residuals wisely. The rising star recently touched down on German soil, to perform a concert at the Young & African Arts Market. While it's likely the live set was a hit, it would appear the rapper later found himself at the center of a tense encounter with German police. As anyone might imagine, dealing with the authorities in a foreign country can be a downright difficult affair, especially given the inevitable language barrier. Clearly, Blocboy learned this the hard way, after two German police officers came knocking at his hotel door.

In the clip, shared by DJ Akademiks, Blocboy claims one of the officers "put their hands on him," while a police officer talks back in German. Her partner, clearly the "bad cop" of the equation, hits Blocboy with what sounds like a "fuck you!" Blocboy returns the favor with fervor. For the record, we're not certain what prompted this encounter in the first place, though it certainly didn't sound like it was "handled with care." Hopefully, Blocboy can bounce back from this, as he still has tour dates left on his schedule.