Blueface's music isn't exactly kid-friendly. We're not sure what kind of lullabies the Los Angeles rapper is singing to his son at night but his 2-year-old son already seems to be quite the party animal. During a recent concert, Blueface decided to bring his little boy on stage with him, introducing him to the crowd as "Lil Blueface." The artist shared a video of the performance, including the sweet moment he gave his son the microphone.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Blueface hasn't shown the world much of his son so it was a surprise to many to see the boy standing on stage with his pops during a recent gig. The rapper has been performing on a near-nightly basis, capitalizing on the major buzz he's gotten and ensuring that he's getting to his bag. The Cash Money West star danced with his baby boy, passing him the microphone even though he doesn't speak much yet. If you were expecting the kid to start rapping completely off-beat, you are unfortunately mistaken. Instead, he lets out a confused sound before his father asked his audience to make some noise for him. 

Later on in the show, the Famous Cryp showed off his solo dance skills while his track "Bleed It" played. Who do you prefer? Blueface Baby or Baby Blueface?