When Blueface crossed paths with Shiggy at Rolling Loud Los Angeles last weekend, he took it upon himself to lecture the comedian about why he shouldn't pursue a rap career. "Listen, if you a comedian and you trying to jump in the rap lane, it's not going to work out the way you think it's going to work out," Blueface said in a now-viral video, while Shiggy appeared stricken by this information. "Just because you got four million followers, the people follow you cause you're a comedian. Once you try to rap, they not going to take you serious." 

Another comedian who has been dabbling in rap, Lil Duval, weighed in on this interaction. He posted a screenshot on Instagram that showed how well his song "Smile Bitch (Livin' My Best Life)" performed. Despite these stats, Blueface was not convinced that comedians could seriously succeed in the rap realm. The offbeat spitter went on Instagram Live to clarify his argument. "Lil Duval has entered the chat," Blueface said. "Lil Duval song did not go platinum. It was a nice little viral moment just like everybody has if they got the right resources and utensils. I actually fuck with the song, the song was funny as hell. It was pure comedy. Smile bitch, smile bitch. That's why it went up. He didn't make no hardcore song, no trap song. Dick and pussy, fucking your ho. That's what I was telling Shiggy. You gotta make a comedic song. Fuck!" 

Even after this clarification, Blueface isn't letting this debate go so easily. He posted screenshots on his Instagram story of a website's reports of his and Duval's respective net worths. The comparison was intended to both highlight that he supposedly has more money than Duval ($4 million vs. $1.5 million) and that he is considered to be a professional rapper, while Duval is listed as a comedian/actor. Does this cited source support Blueface's argument?