There's no denying that Doja Cat's past has officially come back to haunt her, at least to some. For those who missed out on the big "exposure," it recently came to light that Doja had spent time frequenting an online video chat forum called Tinychat, and it didn't take long for an unsavory narrative to build. It didn't help that Doja also had a dubiously titled pre-fame song called "Dindu Nuffin," which in itself is a reference to the victims of police brutality. Before long, Doja was facing accusations of not only racism but incel affiliation. 

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Despite recently securing her first number one hit in the Nicki Minaj-assisted "Say So," Doja quickly found herself fielding scorn from some of her industry peers. Metro Boomintook the piss out of her with an "OnlyKlans" jab, and now Blueface Bleedem, the paragon of morality in this modern world of ours, has taken it upon himself to lay down the gavel.

In response to her recent IG Live stream, Blueface had a quick but potent message for Doja. "Fucc Doja Cat on cryp," he writes, on Instagram Live. "Weird ass bitch." Clearly, the offbeat wonder isn't into the idea of forgiveness. Unfortunately for Doja, winning back some of her peers will be no easy feat -- we shall see how things play out, though it wouldn't be surprising to see her damage control movement continue in the days to come.