We were first introduced to B.o.B in the mixtape days, during his come-up. He made some very promising waves before blowing up with songs like "Airplane" and "Nothin' On You" took his career to another height. Since then, the rapper has been staying consistent while pumping out mixtapes and albums. Aside from his musical ability, he's also been making waves for his scientific theories. A predominant one that has seemed to also play a role in his music is his idea that the earth is flat. He has pretty much made waves in the music industry and the science one as a flat-earther. 

While the solar eclipse hit earlier today, the rapper took the time to hit Twitter to express that the solar eclipse doesn't actually debunk his flat earth theory because the moon generates it's own light. The tweets started coming in around 2:23 p.m. and continued for a few hours after while he debated some Twitter users on the moon, the solar eclipse and flat-earth.

One Twitter user by the handle @BoMonster chimed in asking B.o.B "You realize that the only reason you see the moon in the first place is because the sun casts light on it right? All light is behind it now." to which B.o.B quoted the tweet and said "according to a textbook yes, but the moon actually generates its own light." 

The Twitter user later asked "So you're telling me there are light bulbs in the moon? How the hell does it generate light? It's a rock. Is it flat to you too?" and B.o.B replied with "a spherical object doesn't reflect/refract light evenly across its surface."

There's many other tweets and conversations that he had pertaining to the moon. Some people asking him where he came up with this stuff and others agreeing with him that the earth is flat.

It's definitely been an interesting day for science. With B.o.B making these claims, we're hoping that Neil DeGrasse Tyson's nephew comes back swinging with another scientific freestyle or atleast another response from Neil DeGrasse Tyson... or a freestyle from him.

Check out some of the best B.o.B/Solar Eclipse tweets below: