Last week, we found out that Bobby Shmurda & fellow GS9 member Rowdy Rebel agreed to a plea deal that would give them each seven years in prison stemming from their 2014 arrest on drug & gun charges. Having already served two of those seven years, Bobby & Rowdy are looking at most five more years behind bars, possibly less if they are dismissed upon good behavior.

However for the first time since making this plea deal, the two NYC spitters decided to jump on the phone with Complex and talk about it all, along with their plans for the future after prison. Read some excerpts from the in-depth interview (below) or head here to read full thing:

Why did you take the plea deal?
BS: I did it for Rowdy. They offered me five and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawgs.

If you hadn't taken the deal, how much time were you guys looking at?
BS: The judge wasn’t really playing fair because he was letting a lot of stuff into court that wasn’t supposed to be. The only witnesses the DA had against us were lying cops. We had detectives lying, saying they seen us with guns in our hands, but when everything came back there was no DNA, no fingerprints, no nothing. My lawyer told me we don’t want to go to court in Manhattan with these white people because they’re going to be looking at me, a little black kid. Who are they going to believe, the word of this black kid talking about shooting shit up or the word of white officers? A jury is going to believe cops all day. We’re black kids, these are white people with badges.

This is why you tried to claim false arrest, right? That claim was thrown out.
BS: All the motions I put in, they denied them. They held my bail at $2 million for a gun charge. I copped out to seven years for a gun charge when this is my first offense. That’s how America is. They got these kids running around with rape charges getting six months and they wanna give me seven years for a gun charge.

RR: My boy copped out for me, you heard?

They put a stipulation into the plea deal that prevents you from appealing. Do you think that has something to do with your false arrest claim?
BS: All the guns they found were from around the neighborhood in garbage cans and shit like that. They didn’t find anybody with guns on them. If they don’t catch no gun on you then there’s no case.

What happened then?
BS: The judge in Brooklyn offered me eight months with a six-month program, but I didn’t take it because it wasn’t my gun. They let the person whose gun it was go and they came in the house with the gun and said it was going on me. The Brooklyn court threw it out. Brooklyn judges aren’t really doing anything; the Manhattan and Queens judges are slaying people, sending innocent people upstate. All they care about are convictions. They took it out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan because the Manhattan judges don’t play fair.

You guys just took a plea deal and could be out in a few years. What's next for you?
Rowdy Rebel: Basically right now, we get our minds right, our bodies right, our souls right. We’re putting together a couple of mixtapes for the streets to stay relevant. Me and Bobby have one called The Last of the Real, it’s going to be like 11 songs. I’m going to drop Shmoney Keep Calling Pt. 2 soon. Apart from that, we’ve got a couple new artists, some friends that we’re going to promote while we in here, that have a couple songs out there. My boy Chase Hound, who’s currently locked up, but he’ll be home by April. My little brother Fetty Luciano, he’s currently locked up, but he’ll be home in like 10 months. Right now we’re just staying positive. It ain’t over; we’ll be out in like three-and-a-half. We don’t want anyone giving up hope on us.

How is your relationship with Epic now? Why didn't the label bail you out?
RR: The situation with Epic is the reality: We made our own bed and got to lay in it. We did expect for them to help us and get us out, but from my knowledge it wasn’t on Epic to bail us out, it was Sony, because Epic’s under Sony. So when it came to it, Epic was willing to do it, but Sony had to sign off the checks to get us out and they didn’t want to sign. I don’t hold no one responsible for nothing.

Bobby Shmurda: It’s business. These people are going to look at you a certain way when these charges come up.