The world has been screaming Free Bobby since he was incarcerated at the height of his career. Unfortunately, his attempts to be released on parole haven't been successful. The rapper had a hearing in August where he was denied parole and it appears more and more likely that he won't be released any sooner than December 2021.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

TMZ obtained transcripts from Bobby Shmurda's parole hearing, revealing exactly what his case was to the board. The rapper told the parole board that he's a changed man, adding that he felt he became a "leader" and not a follower during his time behind bars. Bobby explained much of the trouble he found himself in when he was younger was due to not wanting to seem like a punk for walking away from fights or confrontations. He said that he's too "grown" for that now.

Of course, the music industry has been anticipating his return but Bobby Shmurda also told the board that with his newfound maturity, he wanted to become a better role model to the kids in his neighborhood. As he explained that he's now more empathetic towards others, he wants to be an example for kids to walk away from negative scenarios.

He added that he wants to get his high school G.E.D. once he's out of prison. Unfortunately, the parole board said pointed out to "multiple" violations in prison including allegations of possessing a shank and fighting.

It looks like Bobby won't be out until December 11th, 2021.