Since Bobby Shmurda and members of GS9's indictment last week, we haven't gotten much new information about their case, as no news about bail has surfaced. Yesterday, Shmurda's attorney, Howard Greenberg, spoke to The FADER about his client's whereabouts, potential release on bail and the (in his opinion) "bullshit" nature of the charges. Read his interview below.

So where is your client now?
He is on Rikers Island. I'm on my way up there as we're speaking. He was visiting with family today for Christmas Eve. [Note: in a follow up call, Greenberg said he wasn't able to see Pollard on Wednesday because he was busy with another visitor.]

After Pollard was arrested, you said that Epic was working on putting up his $2 million bail. Is there any news on that front?
There is no news. We're just trying to put something else together now.

Can you tell me why you think the NYPD has gone after Bobby?
The government hates rap and the government hates rappers. They construct a narrative and add rationalizations to make it seem true. They recruit guiltless and loveless people to whom truth is meaningless and convince them to say what they want to say. These people are jealous of a brother on the way up.

Do you think the prosecution would try to use any of his lyrics or videos as evidence at trial?
I don't put anything past these guys.

Do you have any thoughts on the text of the indictment?
I've analyzed the indictment down to the bone. It's just talking. Bobby shouldn't be charged with anything. I have told your colleagues in the media, the indictment is a bunch of bullshit. First 41 pages are just kids talking, in not even english. Bobby isn't charged with anything except talk in the indictment.

The prosecutors have listed two social media posts in the indictment. Recently, police have leaned on social media heavily to prove young New Yorkers guilty of gang activity. Do you think they'll use social media posts at trial?
Of course. It's just because they don't know how to respect a person.

Any other thoughts?
My guy's rich, he's busy. He's always on tour. He's supposedly leader of this crew, but he's not charged with any violence. Use your head, it doesn't make any sense. I'm not going to let them crucify Bobby Shmurda.