Bodega Bamz Drops Social Media Inspired Video For "Clout"

Bodega Bamz claims he doesn't "do it for the likes."

Bodega Bamz dropped off his latest 14-track tape last month titled P.A.P.I. (Proud and Powerful Individualz)On it was 14 tracks, with only one feature from Lil Eto, and today Bodega has followed up on the second single, "Clout," with a video that's all about stuntin' on social media. The video starts off with Bamz and his crew rolling up to a hotel that he thought was going to be way more boujee. He gets pissed at his friend for booking a cheap motel, saying he wanted to show off. 

They eventually settle down, get ready to go out and party all the while they document everything with their phones. At the end, Bamz takes a moment to reflect at the beach by himself, but he still has to take a photo to prove it's real. 

Watch the full video and let us know what you think. 

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