Those who can still appreciate the fine art of "bars," gather round. Spanish Harlem's own Bodega Bamz came through to bless the LA Leakers with his presence, and of course, he came through to hold it down. Though it's a little different when Funk Flex isn't around to yell "BARS" in a murderous cadence, Justin Credible and Sour Milk of the LA Leakers are known to hold it down; in fact, some of the dopest radio freestyles in a minute have transpired with the Leakers playing host. Either way, Bodega Bamz is more than up to the task, no matter the locale.

Kicking it off with a tried and true classic, Raekwon's ominous "Ice Cream" instrumental, Bamz warms up with a reflection of days gone by. "Overrated, a pen with a blank page, I don't fuck with twelve, thirteen was my best age," he spits, "around the time when the Heights had the best haze, the same time that A.I. had the best braids, I sold rock used to cut it in my man cave." 

Peep the entire freestyle below, and keep an eye out for more fire from the LA Leakers and whoever decides to bless the booth next.