The critically acclaimed battle rap film "Bodied" hits theatres tomorrow, and from the sound it of, it may very well be the film our generation needs right now. Director Joseph Khan, and actors Jackie Long and Calum Worthy (who plays the lead character) stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning, to talk shop with Charlamagne, Envy, and Yee. 

Joseph Kahn explains that the most controversial decision throughout the filmmaking process was to follow a white protagonist, as he attempts to navigate a culture dominated by people of color. Naturally, Charlamagne's salivatory glands filled up nigh-instantaneously. "Ouuuu, I like this type of talk!" smirks Charlamagne, sitting up in his chair. "It's definitely talking about cultural appropriation," explains Khan, "but that's actually a theme in the movie."

"It's about how this privileged white kid, played by Callum, goes into an urban culture and he goes in it with all the best intentions, but simply because of who he is and where he comes from, it gets translated weird. It's a fun journey." Charlamagne inquires about how Bodied thrives within a politically correct culture, and Khan elaborates on the artform. "One of the fun things about battle rap is that it's politically incorrect. And in today's woke world, where everybody is super afraid of saying anything...If you say one lyric from this movie, you could get fired at work." 

"One of the great things is that Calum is from the Disney world," laughs Kahn. "Calum can never work for Disney again after this movie." Peep the full interview below, and be sure to catch "Bodied" in theatres tomorrow, November 2nd.