President Donald Trump has finally agreed to transition President-Elect Joe Biden and his staff into the White House, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's conceded. Trump still claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him through voter fraud, although election officials have adamantly stated that no fraud occurred. There were many celebrities who supported Trump's bid for re-election, including Lil Wayne and Lil Pump, and their fellow rap artists publicly scolded them for their political ideologies. 

Boosie Badazz spoke about rappers who were somehow connected to Trump, including Ice Cube who admitted to speaking with Republicans about his "Contract With Black America" plan. "He was thinking for the Black community, but he wasn't thinking about the dragon he was sitting in front of," Boosie told VladTV. "And he wasn't thinking about the people, also."

The rapper discussed actor Michael Jai White's recent comments when he said President Trump pimps Black artists. "He's like a slave owner," said Boosie. "I'll give you something. I'll put you on the front'll be bigger than all the slaves. But you gon' still be a n*gga." He spoke on Lil Pump, specifically, noting that Trump didn't even know his name and called him "Lil Pimp" during a rally.

"Hey, everybody gon' talk about you. You gon' take a picture with me. You gon' be the biggest n*gga talked about ever," Boosie added. "But you still a n*gga. And now you looked at as a house n*gga. That's right. That's like pimpin'. I'm crossing you in both ways. I'm bringing you up and bringing you down."

Watch the clip of Boosie's interview below.