Theo Von has a pretty eclectic array of guests on his podcast, This Past Weekend. As Boosie Badazz touches down in L.A., the rapper made a surprise appearance on Theo's podcast, for a candid conversation mainly about race, and issues therein.

In light of protests championing George Floyd's brutal death at the hands of police, the conversation is very relevant. Boosie shares his take on the protests and riots, as well as the Black experience in America, questioning why no President has ever tried to give Black people reparations, and speaking on just how common police brutality is.

"I think it's all well-deserved," Boosie said soberly, in response to whether he sees a difference between the protestors and the looters.

"It been going on," Boosie said of police killing Black man, citing his own neighborhood hero who he says was "smashed" by a cop, resulting in his death. "It's just now we got 'em. As soon as something happened it get out. If they didn't have those cameras-- those phones-- it blessed us -- now they see what they've been doing for twenty five years."

As far as the protests, Boosie elaborates on the elements coming together to create a perfect storm: "People tired of being at home, our President's crazy, it wasn't the time for this. Especially for Black people," Boosie says, before questioning: "Black people should be paid, like the Indians, our race been through more shit than anybody. Why hasn't any President said why aren't the Black Americans compensated? We was hanged, our wealth was stolen from us-- millions, kids are dying today. Black families should be compensated, why no motherfucking President said it, not even Obama."

As the conversation continues, Boosie speaks on how the Black story and experience is shared via rap music, and how that allows for Black families to be taken care of.