It's never a dull moment with Boosie Badazz. Though his reality show never came to fruition, and his verified IG account was deleted, he's managed to still provide high-quality uncanny entertainment. The adventures of Boosie Badazz have continued on his new account, @boosienewig, where the description reads, "@zuck deleted my last Instagram account."

The rapper appears to be treading lightly on his temporary account since his last account was deleted for its sometimes explicit content. There's a bit more of a wholesome approach such as the recent anecdote he shared after he got through screening at the airport. Apparently, Boosie had run out of boxers and while he was going through screening, he said a lady called him out for not rocking any underwear. 

"I'm so embarrassed," he said. "I bent over in screening and a lady yelled, 'Boosie ain't got no drawers on. Your butt out.' Lifestyle, mane. Just fresh out the shower. Ran out of drawls on the road."

He insisted he's clean, though, and not just some musty rapper on the road reeking up the airport with 3-day built-up B.O. which we are glad to hear. "IM BUSTED SMH," he captioned the post. "#imcleantho #roadlife U DID IT TOO."

Peep the hilarity below.