Boosie Badazz has been through a lot recently — that shady Mike Tyson interview, the death of Mo3 a few weeks ago, a shooting days later that led him to multiple leg surgeries and even having to debunk amputation rumors. However, we all knew a few hard times wouldn't keep a wild personality like Boosie down for too long, and he made sure to prove that by celebrating Thanksgiving in, of all places, the club.

boosie badazz shot wheelchair club
Image: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

His "Thanksgiving Bash" went down yesterday night (Nov 26) at Charleston, South Carolina's Exquis Event Center. Based off the footage provided by TMZ, Boosie literally rolled into the venue with a fully-bandaged leg and a neck full of ice. What was missing surprisingly was a mask, which during a time when clubbing has been banned for the most part should've been enforced on someone that just had serious surgery. Nonetheless, we won't be the party police and just assume that everyone in the club was tested with thermometers at the door. Yeah, let's go with that!

TMZ also made a note that he's planning on throwing another party this weekend in Alabama for his birthday, and we can only imagine that will be an even bigger zoo.

"WTF YALL THOUGHT I’m STILL PERFORMING," Boosie wrote as a caption to go with the party post for Saturday (seen above), and we got to give him credit for not letting something like a nearly fatal wound get it the way of club life. Please though, just wear a mask!

Watch the TMZ video below of Boosie Badazz turning up in South Carolina for Thanksgiving, and let us know down in the comments whether you respect the flex or think he needs to just sit down somewhere that doesn't have bottle service and come with a high chance of catching coronavirus: