Boosie left fans worried back in November when it was reported that a van he was riding in had been shot up in Dallas while he was paying respects to Mo3 after he had been killed in a fatal shooting. After visiting a venue in the Texas city, someone allegedly opened fire on the vehicle. Boosie suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound in his leg and has been in a wheelchair ever since. The wheelchair didn't slow down the Louisiana rapper, hitting the club with the chair just a few weeks after the incident. He's been providing updates on his recovery with fans, but perhaps the most important update of them all came on Monday when Boosie took his first steps since the shooting

While streaming on Instagram live, the rapper announced to fans he would attempt to take his first steps since requiring the use of a wheelchair, subsequently requesting assistance standing up from someone offscreen. Albeit a noticeable limp in his walk, the 38-year-old Baton Rouge native was excited with the progress exclaiming, "You saw me do my s***, yeah b****! Yeah, it's up!"

He then went on to update everyone else in the house on his progress, smiling wide. Tired from the minor walk, he then expressed sentiments to get back into shape as soon as possible. "Man that little walk got me tired already, man," Boosie said. "I gotta get my training, I'm out of shape. It's because I've been sitting up for two months in that bed, I'm out of shape...that s*** got me feeling like I ran in front of police."

Boosie's new music is expected to shine more light on the Dallas shooting, sharing a snippet of a new song with fans this week

Congrats to Boosie on this major recovery milestone.