Despite how much of a meme Bow Wow became over the years, you can't discredit how hard he is. The rapper was once under the wing of Snoop Dogg during the Death Row era before being mentored by Jermaine Dupri. That alone says enough about how promising his talent was at a young age. He definitely built a lot of good relationships over the years and has collaborated with some of the game's most revered artists. The rapper recently took to Instagram to share a text message of a collaboration that once could've happened.

Bow Wow took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a conversation he once had with the God MC, Nas back in 2011. He hit up Nas via DM and inquired about a collaboration. "Big homie i want u on my album what i gotta do. Boweezy," Bow Wow wrote.

From the time stamps, it took a bit over a day for Bow Wow to get a response but he did. "Peace lil bro send me a contact to reach you," Nas wrote.

It would've been one of the unexpected collaborations if it did happen. Bow Wow revealed that he still wants that collaboration to happen. However, it also seemed to be a way to flex on everyone. "things i work on and who im good with you might never know." He wrote in the caption.

Peep the pic below.