With all the partying that 50 Cent has been doing this week, many were surprised to see him during an appearance on morning television. The world-renowned rapper was a guest on Good Morning America this week and he claimed that he was entirely ready for the early start to his day. Judging from the time Fif is the most active on social media, he usually begins his day pretty early on. However, with the Tycoon Pool Party now in the past, people didn't expect him to continue his regular routine this week. Bow Wow is among that crowd. He reposted a video of the superstar waking up and heading to the television studio for his spot, noting that his homie is capping when it comes to being wide awake and ready for the day.

In the video, Fif looks pretty sleepy in his suit before he opens a drawer for seemingly no reason, closing it seconds later. Bow Wow just had to comment. "Yo dont let @50cent lie to yall he not up," said Bow. "Look at bro eyes haha tycoon weekend gottem hurting! Peep how he opened the drawer for no reason then closed it."

He even brought up the blunt that Snoop Dogg passed him in the video we shared this morning, asking what could have been in it to get Fif acting this way. "What did my uncle @snoopdogg pass him at the party?" asked Bow Wow in the comments.

Now that Bow Wow is back on the winning team, he appears to be comfortable enough trolling his friend. Do you think it'll come back to bite him?