According to Bow Wow, the whole world has been dabbing with incomplete knowledge as to the origins of the dab. Not to worry, Bow is here to explain it to us, much to the dismay of Migos and Rich the Kid.

A video began circulating of Bow Wow telling fans, "the whole world dabbin, and they don't even know or understand what dabbin is. First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana, it's the purest form of marijuana, it's extremely strong. So the dance comes from when you smoke and you cough and the first thing you do is..." He says before doing a dab.

When Migos and Rich the Kid caught wind of this, they proceeded to make fun of Bow Wow, calling him a clown. Rich the Kid tweeted, "Somebody pls tell Bow Wow stfu cuz that is NOT where the dab came from! Fukin clown."

What do you think? If you need a dab tutorial, get with it below.