He may not have named anyone specifically, but it seems as if Bow Wow had someone, or perhaps more than one person, in mind when he sent out his Instagram Story. Bow Wow is never shy about sending out shots, and on Monday (May 18), the rapper wanted to know how the "hoes" are faring during the COVID-19 pandemic. He penned a short note about the COVID-19 quarantine and how women are willing to put themselves at risk just to be, as they say, "flewed out."

Shad Moss, Bow Wow
Bryan Steffy / Stringer / Getty Images

"They say it ain't safe to fly. What do you hoes do?" the rapper asked on his Instagram Story. "Get on the plane and take that ðŸ± on pandemic national tour. Hoes flying out more than ever now a days. They willing to die for a Cash App alert new location some hookah and ðŸ†ðŸ˜¹ðŸ˜¹." It didn't take long for fans to accuse the rapper of being hurt by some woman who did him wrong, but he didn't bother to respond to the accusation.

He did, however, take a moment to address a fan who tweeted, "We need Bow Wow in a Verzuz so we can give him his flowers." Bow Wow replied, "Im use to not getting them so... its all good." Check it all out below.