Bow Wow has been catching major heat over the last couple of months following his arrest after he got into a physical altercation with now-former girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie. The couple was arrested in Atlanta over Super Bowl weekend and charged with battery, and when the rapper's mugshot showing his scratched face made the rounds, he became the butt of jokes all across social media. 

Things got worse when surveillance footage surfaced and the public could see an irate Bow Wow allegedly yelling in Leslie's face. Some people accused him of being the aggressor and told him he deserved the injuries he sustained. The rapper spoke openly about the altercation for the first time in a recent interview on The Quicksilva Show, saying that he wasn't worried about what people thought, although he was surprised by men's reactions.

"Honestly, I didn’t feel no type of way at all," Bow Wow said. "Once the photo came out of me, and they saw the two and compared, that’s when everything switched. I actually saw a lot of men fighting for me. Saying like, yo, 'If that was me it would’ve been a different situation. For him to carry it out the way he carried it out, you gotta respect that.' 'Cause I had a comedy roast in Atlanta, and every comedian said 'You better than me, 'cause for you to look like that...'"

Bow Wow did note that if the roles were reversed and photos surfaced of Leslie with injuries on her face, the narrative would have been different. He said that news stations didn't make a big deal about the scratches on his face, but if they were on Leslie's, it would still be front page news.