Bow Wow is just trying to live. The iconic rapper has taken his fair share of licks in the public eye, but he's generally kept a positive attitude amidst the jokes and rabblerousing. In truth, the man has racked up a fair number of wins in his heydey, and now he's free to reap the benefits of a hard-earned lifestyle. Yet not everyone is willing to let Bow Wow lamp freely. His own flesh and blood, daughter Shai Moss, recently found her way into Bow Wow's phone, and took to Instagram live to roast her father like a young savage. 

Shai Moss proceeds to interact with Bow Wow's fans, and, perhaps emboldened by the outpouring admiration, sets her sights on her father's personal hygiene. "Your feet stink, dad," she remarks, prompting an incredulous response from Bow Wow. She claims she was compelled to say it by one of the spectators, though she doesn't end there. "You didn't go in the shower yesterday!" she accuses, prompting Bow Wow to defend his honor. She also shoots down the prospect of shooting a movie with her father, a prospect that Bow Wow dreads with equal passion.

"Dad, you make such a mess," she continues, opting for the full exposure. "You put the juice on the table. At the hotel, you put the crust, ON THE FLOOR." In truth, the exchange is endearing to say the least, and proves that Bow Wow is, despite his apparent lack of pizza crust disposal etiquette, a good father.