Adrien Broner is a very successful boxer (and friend of Young Thug), owning a 31-2 overall record and avoiding any knockouts throughout his career. At one point he was represented by Floyd Mayweather, but the two drifted apart and have been taking shots at each other on social media, with Mayweather even going as far as representing Adrien Broner’s upcoming opponent Ashley Theophane.

All that build up might be headed out the window in light of news that Adrien Broner is now wanted by the state of Ohio after an incident that occurred back in January of this year. TMZ is reporting (with other sources corroborating) that Adrien Broner and another man were gambling on a game of bowling in Cincinnati, and the other man took a good sum of money off of the boxer before he walked away. Broner then reportedly waited outside of the bowling alley and knocked the man briefly unconscious before retrieving a handgun from his car and using it to threaten the victim. He then hit the victim again, KOing him for good. Broner used this opportunity to snake his winnings back before he left the scene.

The victim required hospitalization and stitches. According to reports, Adrian Broner is now wanted for felonious assault and aggravated robbery, both charges that can land the boxer in jail for an extended period of time. It may also jeopardize his upcoming fight, although he can’t technically be extradited outside the state of Ohio without permission. For what it's worth, Adrian Broner is still tweeting as of a few hours ago.