Brett Favre is a legendary quarterback who won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers back in the late 90s. Favre finally retired from football back in 2010 after a 19-year career that saw him break the all-time record for interceptions thrown, with 336. The legendary quarterback is currently 49 years old and in October, he will be turning 50. In a strange turn of events, Favre posted on his Instagram account that he would be coming out of retirement and that he would play in 2020. Favre immediately deleted the post which teased all of his loyal fans out there.

"A true champion sticks to his or her calling," Favre wrote. "I will be coming out of retirement and making my return to play in the NFL for the 2020 season. Stay tuned for more #news!"

It's unclear whether or not Favre was hacked, if he was trolling, or if he simply changed his mind after realizing that his come back probably wouldn't yield very good results. Maybe he will offer a bit of clarity on the situation but in the meantime, we'll just have to wonder what his exact intentions were.

With Favre staying retired, this gives Eli Manning the perfect opportunity to pass the Packers legend for most interceptions ever. Let's be honest, it's only a matter of time.

UPDATE: Favre revealed to TMZ Sports that his Instagram was hacked and that's how the post went up.