Cynthia Erivo is the British actress who portrays Harriet Tubman in the upcoming biopic on the heroic abolitionist's life that hits theaters November 1st. The 32-year-old has already received some hate for her role in the film since people questioned why an American actress wasn't cast to play Harriet and now she's responded to other hate she received from her past tweets. 

In 2013, Cynthia sent out tweets that made it seem as though she was mocking Black Americans adding more fuel to people's belief that an actress who has no controversy on such a topic should have been cast for the starring role in Harriet. 

"As for the tweets, taken out of context without giving me the room to tell you what it meant--and it wasn’t mocking anyone really," Cynthia told  Shadow And Act. "It wasn’t for that purpose at all. It was to celebrate a song I had wrote when I was 16."

"I would never…I’ve never spoken negatively about people because I don’t want that, I don’t want that energy from me to others," she added. "I don’t believe that serves us at all, I don’t believe it serves a purpose other than bringing negativity into my life and your life and I just don’t want that."