Perhaps as bizarre as their initial union, Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander was among the protestors identified as being apart of the storming on the Capitol. Britney wedded her childhood friend Vegas-style back in 2004, the two only remained married for 55-hours. Alexander allegedly trooped it all the way to Washington, D.C. to attend the pro-Trump rally that quickly transformed into an attempted coup at the Capitol

An Instagram account set up yesterday called @homegrownterrorists, which has already racked up 40,000 followers, is working to help the FBI and D.C. Police identify individuals who participated in the looting and destruction at the Capitol has been working pretty efficiently at identifying people. Alexander was among one of the first people the account was able to ID, posting a screenshot of a comment from his apparent cousin confirming his identity.

"YUP. I'm also processing the fact that my dumb*ss cousin (who also married Britney Spears for 55 hours) is on Capitol Hill. I'm really related to a domestic terrorist," the comment read. The Instagram account then tagged Britney in the caption, asking the pop star if she has any more information that could lead to his arrest. 

Fans on social media joked that it's a good thing they only remained married for 55 hours, positing that the 39-year-old dodged a major bullet. And she surely did.