Bronny James Jr has been the subject of rising popularity over the past year, especially throughout his freshman season with Sierra Canyon. While Bronny didn't put up groundbreaking stats, it's clear that he has a lot of potential and that with some hard work, he could certainly find himself at a top tier university before being drafted into the NBA. In order to perfect his craft, the 16-year-old has been hard at work and from time to time, you can see him on social media, getting some dunks up.

Recently, however, Bronny was spotted alongside his father in Los Angeles, where the two engaged in a father-son workout that saw Bronny running a plethora of drills, all while effectuating some dunks and some shots. In the images below, you can see just how comfortable Bronny looked on the court with his legendary dad alongside him.

Perhaps the most striking image was the one taken after the workout, in which it seems as though Bronny has gone through a massive growth spurt. The last time his height was reported, Bronny was 6'2" although now it would appear as though he may very well be 6'5". As a result of his appearance, fans immediately took to social media and got his name to trend within minutes.

Now, many basketball fans are expecting Bronny to make the NBA although he still has a lot to prove before that happens. Regardless, Twitter wasn't about to let a good opportunity go to waste, as they laid down some hilarious jokes relating to the situation.

Check out some of the best reactions to Bronny's growth spurt, below.