Bronny James Jr. has been the talk of the youth basketball community over the Summer thanks to some of the incredible highlights that have been hitting the internet. Bronny is about to play with Zaire Wade at Sierra Canyon High School this year and fans are excited to see what kind of chemistry they are going to have. As the son of LeBron James, there are some pretty lofty expectations being placed on Bronny but so far, he seems to be rising to the occasion and proving to people just how good he is.

One thing that has impressed basketball fans is Bronny's ability to dunk the basketball at such a young age. Simply put, Bronny's got hops and he takes every opportunity to show people. In the past, he's tried to give us a glimpse of his windmill although it's needed work. In his latest video, Bronny pulls off the windmill move flawlessly and if you're playing against Sierra Canyon this year, you should be very afraid.

Based on the video above, there is a reason to be excited about Bronny's development as a player. There is a possibility we could see Bronny playing for a top tier college in 2023 and perhaps he'll even be good enough for the NBA.

Needless to say, LeBron has plenty of reasons to be proud.