Last year, Brooklyn rapper Ra Diggs was found guilty on 21 charges that included the murder of three people and multiple counts of drug trafficking, and today he was handed a whopping sentence for his actions. Diggs, born Ronald Herron, was awarded 12 life terms, plus an additional 105 years, from the judge, who said Herron displayed a "complete lack of remorse" for his actions.

The New York Times quotes Herron just before he received his sentence:

“You guys sit here and continue to paint this picture that I’m the devil incarnate, the scourge of righteousness — it’s all crap. Even the most dim prosecutor could have secured a conviction under this atmosphere of guilt they built. They did all but point a big, red arrow of guilty up on that projection screen.”

Apparently, Herron "rose to the top of a 'set' of the Bloods gang called Murderous Mad Dawgs that controlled the cocaine and heroin markets in the Gowanus and Wyckoff Houses in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood."