Before the end of the year, we might be rocking to two new albums from Bryson Tiller.

The R&B artist, who has been on a musical hiatus for the last several years, released the deluxe version of his critically-acclaimed and highly-celebrated album T R A P S O U L on Friday, which includes the phenomenal "Rambo (Last Blood)" with The Weeknd, and it looks like we'll be getting even more new music from the star at the end of this week.

Taking to Twitter, Bryson Tiller announced that his long-awaited new album, which was formerly titled Serenity, is releasing on October 2. 

The title of the project is still uncertain but, as it arrived on the five-year anniversary of the release of T R A P S O U L, it is possible that it will simply be titled Anniversary.

The trailer for the album has arrived and, already, Tiller is getting his fans ready for what's coming afterward.

Quoting a tweet that claims he has a new album coming in the fall, which has now been confirmed, the singer wrote, "& WINTER?", teasing a second full-length release before the end of 2020.

This morning, he tweeted, "ok let me get to work then," further hinting at the arrival of a second album.

Stay tuned for this Friday because it looks like our itch for new R&B vibes will be scratched.