T.I. has some ambitious plans for his upcoming LP, Paperwork. The Atlanta rapper recently revealed that the album would be split into three parts, with the first dropping this summer. In his most recent interview, Tip clarified that'll more likely be a September release, but a new single will be coming our way very soon.

Being the businessman that he is, T.I. has chosen to release his track with Iggy Azalea (AKA the woman withe the top two songs in the country right now) as the next single. The track is said to be called "No Mediocre".

Tip and Iggy have already filmed the visuals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and some photos from the shoot have now shown up online.

Take a look at the pics in the gallery above, and listen to the interview below. (Tip talks about the single at the 34 minute mark, but what you really need to hear is the hilarious discussion about what a 'papoose' is shortly afterward).

Also, check out our recent interview with Iggy.